mano destra, mano sinistra

8 minutes

Through a poetic examination of the infinitesimal faint creases of the palm and the laborious granite extraction, this film is an intimate exploration of the archeology of the hand using the line a metaphor of time and its traceability.

- Locarno Film Festival, Locarno, Switzerland.


Edited and directed by Younes Ben Slimane

with Luana Asiak Branchini
Assistant Director:   Enea Zucchetti
Directors of photography :  Alessandro Perillo, Ares Barella
Sound engineer : Matilde Casari
Sound design : Ismael Lassoued
Colorist : Achref Toumi

Casting director : Mladenka Radic
Technical equipment : Riccardo Brunner
Technical equipment assistant : Gaia Ruggieri
Post-production coordinator : Grieco Rafael

Artistic support : Michelangelo Frammartino
Curator : Daniela Persico

Production: Locarno Film Festival & CISA.
A coproduction with RSI , in collaboration with Ticino Film Commission.

Younes Ben Slimane

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